Pregnant - How to dress in Winter?

Pregnant - How to dress in Winter?

The cold has arrived and you are looking to bundle up your tummy and create some pretty winter looks?

This article is made for you ! Discover the essential pieces for pregnancy and our advice to highlight your curves and keep baby warm!

The importance of adapting your look

As you become pregnant, your body will change and your belly will round. The time will come when your old ones start to be too small and get in the way of your day to day life. This is why you will have to invest in some parts to continue to develop your belly serenely and always feel at ease. These purchases will also allow you to adopt a look that suits you and to fall for pieces that will symbolize your pregnancy!

The cuts & materials

When shopping for pregnancy, be sure to adopt pieces with comfortable materials, if possible opt for natural and soft compositions and avoid synthetic and poorly elastic materials: the objective of buying new pieces is to avoid any feeling of embarrassment on the stomach, legs or back!

For your cuts, opt for those that look like you! Some will prefer loose cuts to hide their bellies and feel light, while others will opt for more form-fitting cuts that highlight the curves of the stomach while remaining nice and elastic.

The choice is yours, the most important thing is to be comfortable and to feel feminine until the childbirth!

The essentials for pregnancy

To spend the winter warm and last until the end of the pregnancy, we have selected for you the pieces that we think are essential for pregnancy and for winter!

A very soft and oversized sweater

Who says winter, says cold and says want to bundle up to stick your nose outside! That is why, the sweater is THE piece to have ! Worn over a dress, pants, shorts or even a skirt, it will give you a cocooning look to go out or to drink tea on the sofa.

Paired with style, it will give you such a cocooning pregnancy look and keep your tummy warm until baby arrives!

A simple and comfortable dress

During pregnancy, the desire to be comfortable and light increases over the months, which is why many expectant mothers opt for dresses! Lightweight and without pressure on the stomach, back or legs, they are the best friends of expectant mothers!

Be one of them and choose a loose dress for more lightness or a tight and elastic dress to soften the curves of your belly! Either way, you will be light and feminine at all times!

Adapted low waist pants

To be able to continue wearing pants during pregnancy, we recommend that you opt for low-rise pants or pants with tight-fitting belts integrated so you can not be tight and continue to wear pants!

Low waist pants will allow your belly to evolve without problem thanks to a belt that will be positioned below the belly!

If you prefer to have your stomach covered, pants with an integrated, tight-fitting belt are the right piece! Its softness and elasticity will give you the lightness you need!

A large coat so as not to catch a cold

The main item we recommend for winter is of course the coat! We invite you to get a warm and practical coat to wear!

Avoid a coat that is too thick or bulky, it will not be practical for moving around or for putting on warm layers underneath! Remember that your belly is already preventing you from doing some manipulations, your coat should not become a constraint for you!

We advise you as well a long coat that you can wear as a large cardigan with a scarf. Depending on the size chosen, you can easily encompass your warm belly and even cover your legs!

Our trendy tips for winter

Now that you have your essentials, your looks! Have fun, create and make real trendy and feminine pieces! Make your pregnancy outfits memorable!

For looks with “by Cache Coeur” finishes, follow our advice!

Tip # 1: Show off your legs. During the whole pregnancy, your legs will be your best assets. In a dress, shorts or skirt, have fun with patterned pregnancy tights to bring a feminine touch to your outfits!

Tip # 2: Do not hesitate to opt for pieces that you can reuse after your pregnancy, a financial and fashion asset! Fall for our maternity stripes created in collaboration with Armor Lux and designed to be worn during and after pregnancy thanks to their unique composition!


To your looks ladies!