How to choose the right name of your child?

How to choose the right name of your child?

Choosing your child's first name is a real headache for parents, between fashion, family and family, everything can influence your choice on your child's first name.


The baby names that will be in fashion in 2018

The old names returned in force, with Josephine, Léon and Gaspard with the two indemodables Louise and Gabriel. Short names such as Noam and Mia have been successful in the new generation. There is also a tendency for short, easier to write. The Official of the First Names 2018 (Stéphanie Rapport, First Editions) reveals the most likely names of the year if you are not inspired.

What to avoid in the choice of first names

It is important to choose the child's first name, which is what will play an important role in his future. It is also what will define it in school, with his friends, in his work ...A first name is for life.

It is necessary to avoid the names of a brand, it is in fact prohibited by law and your child may be subject to mockery. Avoid the names of dictators, as well as the names of comic characters, also forbidden by law, trust common sense to avoid farfelus and inappropriate prenames.

The law of January 8, 1993 in France allows parents to choose the first name of their child, auparavent it was the civil state which had the power to record the most appropriate names. With this new provision, parents have free access to their creativity, today there is no blacklist yet, but some of the names may be refused by family court judges if the first name has a negative impact on the life of the child.

But how to choose the perfect name?

In order to choose the first name of his child, one must always think of the negative connotations that this one might have, anticipate, because he will bear his first name all his life and will be identified and seen by the gaze of others through his first name. You have to be inspired by his entourage, his travels, his films, his lives....what you love and what you look like by customizing your child's first name. And finally, it is important not to talk about your first name before birth, otherwise many will be able to change your mind or some may steal your super idea of first name!

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