How to party when you are pregnant?

How to party when you are pregnant?

The end of the year holidays are approaching but what to do when you are pregnant? What outfit to wear? What to choose ? Cache Coeur tells you everything!

How to choose the perfect outfit for a pregnant woman?

You're pregnant, your body has changed physically, and choosing an outfit can be difficult. A sure bet, choose a beautiful and comfortable dress. Don't be afraid to show off your curves. A pregnant woman is pampered and the center of everyone's attention, so enjoy!

Choose fluid, elastic and soft materials for maximum comfort. You're pregnant, so highlight your cleavage. Choose the nursing bra without underwire 3D Light by Cache Coeur for total invisibility! Do not use too much makeup, light makeup naturally. Add a nice accessory, a pregnancy bola for example. And finally match your dress with beautiful maternity tights Cache Heart.


Alcohol and pregnancy, how to make the most of your evening?

It is strongly recommended not to drink alcohol during her pregnancy, you are putting the health of your unborn child at risk. You can enjoy your evening with non-alcoholic beers and toast with your friends and family! It is also advisable to drink water to keep you hydrated and to aid your digestion. Juices, alcohol-free champagne, there are also many non-alcoholic cocktail recipes to have a great holiday season!


Fatigue and pregnancy, what to do to stay awake?

If you feel tired, unwell, and need to rest, listen to your body. Do not force yourself to stay if you are exhausted, it is imperative that you listen to your body without sparing yourself throughout your pregnancy.

To fully enjoy your evening, make yourself comfortable, wear shoes that do not tighten you, lie down if necessary, be comfortable.

What should you avoid at a party when you're pregnant?

You are pregnant, so you must think about yourself and your future child, so there are food products to avoid such as raw fish, raw meats and oysters ... Also avoid cigarette smoke, stay away from those who smoke it. tobacco is harmful to your baby. Also avoid jostling in crowds if possible.