How do you pack your suitcase for motherhood?

How do you pack your suitcase for motherhood?

When should we prepare maternity suitcase? What do we need to put in there? We give you the tips for packing your maternity suitcase during your pregnancy and be serene on D-Day.

First of all, we recommend that you pack your bags for the maternity ward from the 7Th months of pregnancy. The more you anticipate this aspect, the more relaxed and serene you will be as you approach your term and you will have less risk of forgetting important things!

Cache Coeur gives you a boost: print your for the maternity suitcase and don't forget anything!

For Mom, the suitcase should contain:

- 2 or 3 pregnancy pajamas

- 2 or 3 nursing nightgowns

-1 vest

-1 pair of slippers and a few pairs of socks

- 3 breastfeeding bra or bra

- 1 Curve breastfeeding kit starter for milk leaks

- Your toiletry kit with the essentials (shower gel, shampoo, toothbrush...)

- Some sanitary towels

- Books, magazines... to relax and wait if baby is waiting


For baby, the maternity suitcase should contain:

- 6 to 7 bodysuit (of different sizes)

- 6 to 7 pyjamas (different size)

- 1 outfit for the exit of the maternity

- 2 pairs of socks

- 1 pair of slippers

- Langes

- 1 or 2 soft toys

- 6 bibs

- Towels

For Dad, the maternity suitcase should contain:

Remember to remind the dad to take some things that will be useful to him during your stay at the maternity ward...

- Money: to refuel at the coffee machine

- Reading: waiting can be hard for Dad, it's better to plan what to do

- His mobile phone and charger: to notify the family at the time of baby's arrival

- The camera to immortalize the moment and keep a memory for life

On the administrative side

Don't forget some of the papers that will be useful for you the arrival of baby. This will make it easier for you and your dad when you arrive at the maternity ward.

- A piece of identification

- Obstetrics and anaesthetic records

- Your CAF roommate number

- Your blood type card

- Your family booklet

- Your social security card

- Your mutual card

- Maternity notebook

- Early recognition