Agatha pregnancy care line

Agatha pregnancy care line

Our collection of maternity and breastfeeding lingerie Welcomes a new trendy and modern print line. Designed for pregnancy and breastfeeding, discover and crack for Agatha !


1. A trendy and feminine look

Discover Agatha, a new line of pregnancy lingerie full of character. Inspired by the Urban Jungle trend, this line breathes freshness thanks to its spotted print with mineral colors.

This exotic and modern association combined with refined materials made agatha, a Romantic and feminine line at the forefront of fashion.


2. A 3 -room look for all occasions

Agatha is made up of 3 trendy and fresh pieces for mothers and future mothers:

-A pregnancy and breastfeeding bra refined. Its basket shape and its delicate jewel mounted on an organza knot sublimates the neckline of mothers and future mothers and maintains the chest to the H cap.

-A soft lace pregnancy shorty and microfiber which provides comfort and well-being. Also with an organza jewel and a small knot on the front, this low-waisted shorty brings freshness and modernity and creates a romantic look when it is worn with the bra!


-A pregnancy and breastfeeding nightie which completes this line gently. Designed in the same way as the bra, this nightie gives you comfort and lightness on a daily basis for all your evenings.

3. A line perfectly suited to breastfeeding

Modern, comfortable and refined are what defines this sublime Agatha line ! His traditional breastfeeding clips Present on the bra and the nightie, adds a technical touch that improves and facilitate the daily life of breastfeeding moms thanks to easy access for breastfeeding.


4. Daily comfort and for all occasions

During your pregnancy and breastfeeding Take advantage of a line that accompanies you with each of these moments of your life thanks to its 4 stapling positions on the back which ensures extreme maintenance and comfort!

The Agatha line is also OEKO-TEX certified, this label certifies and controls the manufacturing process of our line to guarantee you risk -free products for your health and that of your infants!

A healthy and trendy line that will enhance you on a daily basis.


Rather together of Agatha lingerie or Agatha nightie? Or both ?

Up to you !