How to choose pregnancy swimsuit, our designer's suggestion!

Our designer's portrait:

I am Audrey trollit, and after 15 years of experience in top underwear and seaside brands, I created Cache Coeur. The aim is to use all my expertise to serve prospective and young mothers who want to breastfed while maintaining a feminine temperament. I love my work, it's a real passion.

What are the most important details when buying a pregnant woman's swimsuit?

staySwimsuit for pregnant women, like ready to wear, it's a real fashion accessory, choiceSwimsuit for pregnant womenIt's strategic, we're all very picky because it has to be comfortable, but the most important thing is to highlight ourselves.

It's not always easy to find this jersey when you Shell Because our bodies are changing, choices are often limited. That's why we created a real maternity swimsuit collection with a lot of perfect designs and accessories that we still like in Pregnant !

There are some deformation tips when choosing a pregnant woman's Swimsuit: if you have a type a figure, wide hips and small shoulders, then you prefer One piece of pregnant women's swimsuitWith a beautiful neckline, rebalance your body, like  Eden

Instead, if you have a V-shaped profile, wide shoulders and few hips, your appearance is slim and athletic. Emphasize your feminine temperament Pregnancy, tankinisThe model of Eden Garden with blonde hair and eyes will be very suitable for you.

If you have an H-shape, your shoulders and hips are as wide, you can do anything, even Pregnancy bikiniYou'll be perfect. Let yourself be tempted Salsa.

It's always difficult for people with less symmetrical bodies, wider bust or more obvious hips to find the right swimsuit. It's in response to women with this figure that we created Bora series This is a "mixed match" line. So you can choose the style, size and color that suits you to design your own pregnancy swimsuit. Nothing is more comfortable than wearing a pregnant woman's swimsuit.

In this case, what kind of swimming pool or pool is there?

In swimming pools, pregnant women's swimsuit is usually one piece, which is more convenient to swim, and feels like Mermaid in water. For tall swimmers, nothing is better than a strap, because they provide perfect support and extreme comfort.

If you are playing with a swimming pool with a more interesting pelvis, I suggest that a pregnant woman's vest will give you lightweight support to further relax.

theyTwo sets of pregnant women's swimsuitalsoPregnancy, tankinisThey are very suitable for walking on white beaches and basking on the beach. However, please note that the sun, especially during pregnancy, should be taken appropriately, which is why all of our maternity suits have been studied to ensure UPF 50+ UV protection to further protect you.

Note that these recommendations are not a general rule of what to wear, depending on everyone's taste and desire. Most importantly, it feels good in a pregnant woman's swimsuit.

How to match pregnancy swimsuit so you can enjoy it all summer?

The easiest pregnancy swimsuit to accessorize and wear all summer long, even outside the beach and pool, is thePregnancy tankini. You can wear it as apregnancy topYou just have to embellish it with a small skirt or light pants and you are adorned with a nice summer outfit.

For a casual daytime look, pregnancy tankinis are perfect to wear in the evening for a dressy and sophisticated outfit. Thanks to their multi-position straps, you can even choose your look down to the smallest details, a top pregnancy effect with ultra glamorous straps or a sunband effect to avoid all tanning marks.

Comment on a "favourite" piece:

The modelJungleis my favourite piece, this pregnancy swimsuit is the quintessence of style and audacity. A trendy tropical and sequined print, for a pregnancy swimsuit with gorgeous finishes in an ultra fashionable haute couture spirit.

Thanks to its adjustable ruffles at the hips and its integrated bra, it perfectly fits the silhouette of thepregnant womenand ensures invisible support. The beautiful silver jewel in the middle of the neckline is a reminder of this summer's chic ethnic trend.

Resolutely original and trendy, the Jungle Pregnancy Swimsuit is the model to wear this summer to be at the forefront of fashion on the most beautiful beaches in the world.