Interview with the muse of our collection of maternity swimsuits!

Hello Marie. Since the Cache Coeur shoot you have had your baby. Tell us how is this new life as a young mother going?

Hello, I have been ayoung mom.It's a radical change of life, I stopped working to stay with my little chip and it's not easy. All the emotions a mom can feel are so strong, almost inexplicable. Now I'm just me, but me and my daughter and believe me it changes a daily life, she follows me everywhere to the waxing table. I am really happy despite the shortened nights and the energy required.

You are the face of our all new swimwear collection, how did you experience this shoot?

I was in Croatia when you contacted me to do this shoot of pregnancy swimwear, I did not yet know this brand specializing in expectant mothers but I was immediately very motivated by this project. To pose with my little chip, the top. It was really great to live this experience, plus the team was great, very professional and very pleasant. Not to mention the fact that I rediscovered my little Brittany and also a brand of maternity and nursing lingerie, which I highly recommend.

Can you tell us a few words about this collection of pregnancy swimsuits? (what do you think of swimsuits, cuts, colors, materials ...)

I must admit that pregnant it is not easy to find maternity swimsuits that combine femininity, glamor and comfort, but it was there. This collection of pregnancy swimsuits is really very beautiful, each maternity swimsuit has its little something. There is something for everyone, from one piece pregnancy swimsuit at maternity tankini, and the materials are really comfortable to wear. It must be said, we feel beautiful with Cache Coeur maternity swimsuits. The belly is really well supported with these pregnancy swimsuits as well as the chest which takes a few sizes more during these few months.

What was your “favorite” swimsuit in the new Cache Coeur collection?

The Jungle is my favorite maternity swimsuit, with its chic and colorful side, we can add a sarong and leave the top visible to go to lunch on the terrace for example. What is certain is that you will not go unnoticed with this model of pregnancy swimsuit.

Do you have any advice for mothers-to-be on how to choose the right pregnancy swimsuit?

My advice would be above all to choose a maternity swimsuit model for its comfort because once you are comfortable inside we make the maternity swimsuit even more beautiful.

Now that you are a young mother, do you have some beauty and fitness tips to share with our future mothers?

It's not easy to take care of yourself every day with a little extra to support, but I always try to continue to be a woman and not a mother. So an hour in sport, a little moisturizer for the body, a BB cream and presto the deal is over. For the lucky ones, a Thalasso lasting a few days with your baby, the best of the best. There are also places where you can pamper yourself while your baby is babysitting.