Pregnant at a wedding

The wedding season is on, are you ready to experience or share one of the happiest days of your life?

Every detail counts, all aspects are important, so the choice of lingerie is as important as the wedding dress or even the formal dress! Cache Coeur presents you with great pleasure lines maternity and nursing lingerie ideales, feminine and absolutely comfortable, so that these happy events are unforgettable.


Get married pregnant

Are you celebrating your wedding while pregnant? Marriage and baby at the same time, the little joys arrive, you are fulfilled!

During your pregnancy, you are more tired than usual; It is therefore important to organize yourself well because you will have a guest list to make, an evening to prepare and above all a dress and suitable underwear to choose from !

Diamond Maternity Lingerie Set

The choice of dress

The choice of dress should take into account your body type but also the progress of your pregnancy. It also depends on what you want to highlight. Showcase your new forms of pregnant woman. For example, highlight your chest with a neckline.

Pregnant, do not choose a dress that is too fitted or too voluminous, you must take care to balance the silhouette, you can orient yourself towards a special pregnancy dress and choose it as late as possible. You have fallen for one model at all start of your pregnancy? Do not panic ! Plan a touch-up package and a fitting date a week before the wedding.

The choice of lingerie

Opt for maternity lingerie comfortable and invisible to be comfortable all day long and into the evening! Prefer nude colors or even red which cannot be seen under white.

Cache Coeur invites you to discover the Lollypop nursing lingerie line in nude or grenadine. Her mini-bustier bra perfectly shapes the pregnant women breast and will match a trendy retro / bohemian dress.

Lollypop Nude

The line of nursing lingerie Diamond ivory or nude, perfectly invisible under clothing offers a real second skin effect and will be your ally for the ceremony.

Pair of shoes

We advise you to bring a pair of flats to be comfortable throughout the ceremony and dance the night away!


You want to go to a wedding while being pregnant? As expectant mother you will already be radiant but the outfit is a plus! Remember, comfort is important!

For the outfit, you can opt for loose dresses or fairly fluid combinations that will highlight your new forms of pregnant women.

The right choice of maternity lingerie is important in order to be comfortable throughout the day. Discover the modern and feminine line Gloss and its timeless blush, slate and black colors. The interlocking shape of the Gloss nursing bra provides perfect support up to the H cup.

Gloss: maternity lingerie up to cup H

Heels, worn throughout the day, may be uncomfortable: plan a change of shoes.