What first name to choose for his baby?

What first name to choose for his baby?

You are FUTURE PARENTS And looking for a name for baby? This is an exercise both exciting and problematic! A first name, it is for life, so it is an important choice. Although there is freedom in this responsibility, some rules must be respected for the interest of the child. Heart cache guides you through some advice:

Check the initials. Some may be embarrassing. Take the example of a person named William Costantin: that gives W.C.

Be sure to balance the set, If the last name is long, a short name will sound better.

Take into account your last name, the whole first name and last name must have a pretty consonance. Do not hesitate to test the latter aloud to get an idea.

Attention to the first names too original which, according to some studies, can give rise to teasing between the children.

In order to help you in your choice, Heart cache has selected first names:


Eugénie, Charlotte, Constance, Garance, Jeanne, Eleonore, Marie, Rose, Jade, Alice.


Augustin, Paul, Guillaume, Antoine, Alexis, Matthieu, Leon, Martin, Raphael, Quentin

We hope you have given you original ideas of first names for this decisive choice. You can find our lines of Maternity and breastfeeding lingeries as well as our bolas, swimwear and Breastbone cushions on our site: cachecoeur.com/en