Mother's Day 2015

Mother's Day 2015

Celebrated around the world, the Mothers' Day corresponded to the origin of the natalist policies recommended by the successive governments of the interwar period. It was therefore not about celebrate the woman As a person but to boast their reproductive function.

PS: there is also a more ancient origin with the Matraliae Day in June, celebrated by the Romans.

Nevertheless, the myth of the home family has evolved a lot and no longer corresponds today to the economic reality of the 21st century. The institution has not been questioned and we traditionally celebrate the Mothers' Day The last Sunday in May (except this corresponds to Pentecost, which was the case in 2012 for example).

Today Mother's Day is the occasion for gifts - offered or made by the smallest as well as by large people - including the great classics: bouquet of flowers, perfume, care products or appliances for the most daring !

But Mother's Day is also an opportunity for Future mothers to have fun and to offer a beautiful set of Pregnancy and breastfeeding lingerie, a set of maternity pajamas Or a pregnancy bola, an original and ideal gift idea for this occasion.