The list of first names 2015!

The list of first names 2015!

You are a pregnant woman And you are looking for First name for your child ? For lack of inspiration you can't decide? The first name is above all the identity of your child is therefore a choice that requires reflection.

Trendy, timeless, original or unusual names, Cache Coeur reveals to future mothers the first names of the year 2015!

Let's start with the record of essential first names of the year 2015!

Are you looking for a more original first name? The year 2015 is the return to ancient first names, whether they are of Celtic, Irish, biblical, medieval or even retro origin.

The French company Cache Coeur, with know-how in Pregnancy and breastfeeding lingerie Exceptional, being based in Brittany, one cannot ignore the regional first names which persist from generation to generation. Here are some examples:

For girls: Nolwenn, Maëlle, Solen, Lenaig or Maiwenn

For boys: Brieuc, Loick, Meven, Cyril or Malo

Finally, for pregnant women looking for a first name that leaves beaten track? Cache Coeur presents a selection of unusual first names!

For girls we opt for Isatis, Garance, Eulalie, Kassy, ​​China, Eden, Nénuphar or Lorraine.

For boys, George, Achille, Hercules, Arsène, Noah or Orpheus.

Do not hesitate to share your favorite first names for this year 2015!