Interview with Estelle, the face of our new collection of maternity swimsuits

Interview with Estelle, the face of our new collection of maternity swimsuits

Sparkling and irresistible, Estelle is the face of our new collection of pregnancy swimwear. We went to meet her to ask her a few questions about her pregnancy, her motherhood ... And Cache Coeur!

Hello Estelle. Could you tell us how your pregnancy went?

My pregnancy went well overall, I learned it early, so I was able to fully enjoy it!
Obviously, when it comes to my first pregnancy, there is the stress of the unknown, the changes in the body, the adaptation of the diet; but I have beautiful memories of my pregnancy!

How did you prepare for the arrival of your baby?

I started to fall for little baby sets around the sixth month! Then then around the 7th month, I wanted everything to be in place. The room, the clothes and all the accessories that go with it!

How do you manage to combine your life as a woman, mother and working girl?

I've always had a busy schedule so I usually get organized. Fortunately, because for a mother, organization is essential! I'm also lucky to have a proper husband and dad by my side!

You were the face of the new collection of maternity swimsuits, what did you think of this one?

I was very surprised at the wearing comfort of the entire collection, whether in pregnancy bikini, maternity tankini or one piece ! This is a collection that will satisfy every mother-to-be as it is so diverse in shapes and colors.
I was immediately seduced, especially since it showcases our femininity!

Which piece (s) did you prefer to wear?

Difficult question, because I fell in love with many models! Let's say I fell in love with the Newport maternity bikini and the famous Marilyn!

What does the Cache Coeur brand represent for you?

A French brand for the well-being and elegance of pregnant women in the range maternity and nursing lingerie, pregnancy swimsuit or pregnancy pajamas. Listening to future mothers and especially the comfort of our pregnant women's bodies, Cache Coeur is above all a creator and innovator that I recommend to all my pregnant friends!

Do you have a shooting anecdote to tell us?

We were a great team under the sun of Marbella, I remember the efforts of each one holding at arm's length under the beating sun, the parasols to protect me from the sun during the shooting. Hats off to them because the sun and the heat were more than there!

Do you have any advice for other pregnant women? A tip to find the line?

Trust Cache Coeur to accompany them to the beach with their collection of pregnancy swimwear but also and above all throughout their pregnancy and their lives as mothers with nursing bras. Because when you become a mom, we no longer have time to make mistakes, so it will be the right choice!
Enjoy your pregnancy and don't stress too much even if I was the first to be!

In terms of finding the line, over the months, our body is found, associated with a healthy lifestyle and going through the resumption of sport everything should return to order (because we must continue to take care of yourself even if the schedule is busy)!

If you had to sum up Cache Coeur in one word?


If you had to choose 3 pieces from our brand that are essential for the summer?

1. 3D Light nursing bra
2. The Marilyn pregnancy swimsuit
3. The pregnancy nightie and Diva Breastfeeding

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