Which maternity swimsuit for your body type?

Which maternity swimsuit for your body type?

You are looking for apregnancy swimsuit Who will highlight your pretty silhouette? Cache Coeur gives you some tips for choosing your pregnancy swimsuit Depending on your morphology.
Whether you have a round, sporty or sensual silhouette, you will surely find your happiness among this selection of pregnancy swimsuits As comfortable as trends!

More luscious at the bottom than above, you have narrow shoulders with more generous thighs and buttocks. The silhouette is the most common morphology during pregnancy, but also the most feminine and sensual.

Heart cache advice : Rebalance your silhouette and value it by drawing attention to your upper body.

Which pregnancy swimsuit to choose?

Play on necklines with a pregnancy swimsuit Up-up push-ups like Monaco, or any other jersey that will give your bust relief.

Go for a headband jersey that will attract looks on the top, giving off the shoulders with the pregnancy tank Newport.



Harmonious silhouette, your hips and your shoulders are at the same level.

Heart cache advice : Redraw your curves by refining under the chest and bringing out your shoulders and hips.

Which pregnancy swimsuit to choose?

A V -neck with cutting under the chest will refine your waist and sublimate your chest.
With the pregnancy swimsuits Calypso and Santiago, bring out the shoulders and the hips thanks to the multi-position straps and tie them in the neck. Play with the adjustable notch to refine the hips.

Like the pregnancy bikini Eden Fuchsia, treat yourself with warm colors such as red, pink or purple, and mismatch your ups from your stockings to break the rectangle effect!


Rather sporty silhouette, your shoulders are wide and you have a generous chest but your pool is narrow and your hips and buttocks are rather erased.

Heart cache advice : Attract looks by focusing on your body.

Which pregnancy swimsuit to choose?

Opt for a pregnancy swimsuit With a strip neckline like Marina. Both pregnancy tankinis, they are flared and open the bottom of your body.



Like the pregnancy tankinis Santiago, fall for models with knots that will give volume to your hips.




Your shoulders and hips are wide and your chest is generous. Your main asset is your curves, which make you sensual.

Heart cache advice : Underline your shapes and in particular your chest.

Which pregnancy swimsuit to choose?

Fall for our pregnancy tank Bounty. Its right neckline with V opening will highlight your forms while its integrated bras will guarantee perfect support.

Let yourself be seduced by pregnancy swimsuits Heart cache, which you can wear under a pregnancy caftan Santiago or a Beachwear pregnancy dress.


For the choice of reasons, contrary to popular belief, prints do not grow.