4 good reasons to practice yoga during your pregnancy

4 good reasons to practice yoga during your pregnancy

Stop preconceived ideas! The pregnancy does not mean systematic cessation of all sport… You can continue to do a sporting activity during your pregnancy, please respect your doctor's advice and listen to your body.

Generally prenatal yoga is one of the sports recommended during pregnancy, both gentle and invigorating, you will work your entire body. On this World Yoga Day, here are the reasons that will convince you to sign up for Yoga.


 1. Learn to relax

The purpose of Yoga exercises is to help expectant mother to manage his stress in the face of all the new changes that are looming in his life. Through Yoga, you will have a better control of your moods and your apprehensions!

2. Connect with baby

The course of Prenatal yoga will allow the pregnant woman to take time to refocus on herself and her baby. The different postures and exercises performed will make the mother feel her connection with her child!

3. Prepare your body for childbirth

This activity focuses on breathing, rest and relaxation to help the future mother to live well during pregnancy and prepare for delivery. During labor, breathing is an essential part of managing emotions and controlling pain and concentrating.

4. Multiple benefits

The pregnancy Often accompanied by ailments that occur month by month with the baby growing and getting heavier. Very often, pregnant women feel tension in the back. The Prenatal yoga thanks to flexibility exercises will come to relax and relieve this part of the body.

During the course, the pregnant woman will also do exercises to work on the vitality and strength of her legs. This will help relieve those who have heavy legs!

Are you convinced? Prenatal Yoga is the activity to adopt when you are pregnant! But how to dress to go there? Find below your essential accessories to combine the useful with the pleasant!

Fall for the Illusion line:

All Camisole and leggings will be your allies for this Yoga class. Both soft and comfortable, these 2 pieces will allow you to relax and refocus on yourself.


Yoga for pregnant women

The leggings can also be mixed with the Illusion bra to feel very light for your prenatal Yoga class.