The secrets of Cache Coeur

The secrets of Cache Coeur

Specialist in lingerie and maternity clothes, Heart Cache makes it a point of honor to put all its knowledge at the service of well-being of pregnant women ! Combining refinement and technicality, our lingerie collections sublimate with their elegance, surprise with their innovation and charm with their femininity.

But do you know why our lines are unlike any other?
Cache Coeur reveals some of its secrets ...

Cache Coeur secret n ° 1: our staples
Thanks to our staples with 4 adjustment positions, our pregnancy bras are scalable. They allow you to take up to a back circumference size and a cup size during pregnancy while maintaining the balance necessary for good support.

 Cache Coeur secret n ° 2: our hats
Our cups are stretch (at least 15% elastane) to allow you to take a cup depth during your pregnancy. They are fully lined with microfiber (for wet areas) for quick drying and cotton (on friction areas) for maximum comfort.

The Cache Coeur secret n ° 3: our clips
Our magnetic clips can be opened with one hand for easy handling. Discreet and aesthetic, no one will guess that this is a nursing bra.
The caracos and pregnancy babydolls Lisa, our retro-chic lingerie line, are equipped with these clips. No need to wear a nursing bra overnight!

The Cache Coeur secret n ° 4: our materials
Our soft materials are guaranteed to be free of harmful products to infinitely respect your skin and stretch to adapt to your figure.

 Cache Coeur secret n ° 5: the seamless collection
"Seamless" technology: a so-called "seamless" manufacturing method allows to keep a lot of softness and flexibility, which makes the products " seamless »Particularly suitable for pregnancy and breastfeeding.

 The Cache Coeur secret n ° 6: our frames
The underwire of our bras are designed to ensure real comfort. A more open curvature and a comfortable material allowing optimum support in flexibility from cup B to cup H.

Cache Coeur secret n ° 7: Invisibility
A lingerie in red tones is invisible under the white clothes - word of corset maker! Close to the color of the skin, red contrasts less than white. Take the test with our bra, lower body or even support belt Illusion Cassis or with our line Lollypop Grenadine. Guaranteed effect!

The Cache Coeur secret n ° 8: The size guide
How to choose the right bra size?

Tip around the back: if you make a size 38 in ready-to-wear future mum, then your bra size (especially if it is a non-wired bra) is 85. Then you just have to adjust cup depth. Be careful, the most common mistake is to take too large a size around the back, which does not provide you with the necessary support.

Find all our secrets and the size guide to find the right bra size.