Mom, four tips for children to be ready to go home

Mom, four tips for children to be ready to go home

New school year


Summer is coming to an end. It's only a few days since you left school. We'll give you some advice on getting your children back to school as early as possible.


one Prepare for learning progress

Holidays mean longer days and more freedom. summer children Their rhythm is often different from that of the rest of the year... They go to bed late and get up late.

That's why, about two weeks before the start of school, I get up early and go to bed every day. They will gradually recover School rhythm On d day, your children will be ready for the new day.


two Provide school supplies

Buy in advance if you can School supplies A few weeks before the start of school. A few days before the start of school, the supply department will be very crowded. With it, you may not find the calendar or bag that children want... You can also buy school supplies online with children, You may have more choices to save time!

Think about the meeting with you the night before children Like them, you'll be quieter the next morning.


six Create a plan

organization This is usually the most important thing when you have children... So why not make a schedule to arrange all the time? Your little family-Yes. You can tell them about each child's extracurricular activities and responsibility period. You can also increase the schedule for you and your partner so that you can anticipate their care. children night.

Thanks to the calendar, you'll see more in a week!


forty-four Rebalance the power supply

Whatever it is Parents or childrenEveryone will be happy in the summer. The beginning of school is a good opportunity to develop good sports and eating habits.


Pregnant, how to arrange the back to school day?

Pregnant It may bring pressure to mom often. If you're ready return Your child. To avoid this kind of pressure, consider making a list of tasks to avoid overwork (buying school supplies, getting ready to go back to school clothes...)

Let the big man help you with your daily work, such as setting the table and tidying up your clothes. They will be happy to help you while you wait for their future brothers and sisters.

Despite the busy schedule, try to make time to find yourself again. Rest or exercise suitable for pregnancy Our maternity brasComfortable and exquisite Pyjamas for pregnant womenChildren sleep with your partner.

Now that you have our skills, you can calmly look forward to going home!

We hope these suggestions are valuable to you! Waiting for D-Day, Hidden heart wish you a good start.