Adventurous mom Jill tells us about her motherhood!

Adventurous mom Jill tells us about her motherhood!

Mother of 3, Jill is a 28 year old young woman. You know her and surely follow her through her crazy expeditions around the world with her companion and all his little family. They share their daily adventurous family for our greatest happiness. This is on the occasion of his last pregnancy, Raphael's, where we had the pleasure of introducing him to Cache Coeur and Curve. Brand ambassador, she was kind enough to share her experience with us maternity, breastfeeding and our Curve nursing pads.



For Jill, having children was a given. She was fortunate enough to see her obviousness come true thanks to the arrival of her 3 children : Martin, Rose and Raphael aged 7, 5 and 4 months respectively.

Jill and her companion had the pleasure of introducing their first 2 children to South America. A happy experience that will undoubtedly mark Martin and Rose.


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"I think it's the best milk that we can give to our babies and breastfeeding forces us to lay down quietly and do nothing else. It's so rare for me to do it with 3 children that those moments have become precious moments of pause. The sweetness, love and harmony of these moments spent together ... "


"To have lived it, I think that long breastfeeding is a great experience for both the child and the mother. A very beautiful harmony is then formed in the mother-child couple. For me at 2 and a half years old, it was enough and I also think that we should not hesitate to put an end to it when we start to want to quit, even if the toddler is not always this way. notice ... "



“I had a very painful engorgement a few weeks ago and I have a strong ejection reflex, Raphael had a lot of trouble because of the milk coming out too fast, too strong. "



« Do not listen too much to those around you and attend during the pregnancy at a meeting of the leche league. The facilitators are a precious help, knowing well beforehand allows to face the breastfeeding difficulties ! »

Thefeeding with milk is a maternal act, but it is not something innate. It is indeed advisable to educate yourself to be best prepared for breastfeeding as soon as the baby arrives. You can find information from your midwife or from lactation counselors who will accompany you and advise you on how to start breastfeeding with your baby.




Jill liked the Curve pads for their eco-responsible side. The Curve nursing pads are washable and thus make it possible to have a greener footprint on the planet than disposable pads!


Breastfeeding is experienced differently by every mom. Some are fortunate to have no difficulty breastfeeding, while for others the initiation of breastfeeding can be painful.

Despite this, all breastfeeding moms have the same desire, to give the best of themselves to their child.