Our Christmas gift ideas!

Our Christmas gift ideas!

Christmas, this is the magical period when we take pleasure in finding ourselves with the family. Some future-parents even take the opportunity to announce a pregnancy. Whether you are already a parent or the year 2023 is about to become the most beautiful in your life, this Christmas must be magic! It’s a moment of joy and sharing that you will remember all your life.

But who says Christmas, says intensive research of gifts ! And yes ! 😉

THE Santa Claus Still waiting for your list? That's good. To help you, we have selected a list ofgift ideas For the end of year celebrations.

Jewelry: timeless gifts.

The Bola: the 2 in 1 gift

THE bola is an elegant and precious gem to wear from the 20th week of pregnancy. To the rhythm of the movements of the mother, he emits a reassuring little sound for baby. After birth, the music emitted by the Bola continues to appease the infant; The bola can thus be sewn inside the comforter or hung above the cradle.
The pregnancy bola is the gift for any future-mother.

Bola channels 

A bola in your image? It's possible ! In addition to the various Bolas of different colors and shapes that may exist, you also have the possibility of choosing chain what makes you glad. Silver chain, Goldly golden gold Or Black Rhodium, There is something for every taste.

Pregnant woman's pregnant pregnancy bolas

Personalized jewelry

THE Personalized jewelry are a very nice idea of ​​gifts. As a parent, we love to remember this moment so important in a life: the birth of a child. Different brands offer you to engrave this unforgettable moment on a beautiful jewel.
At Cache Coeur, we totally fall for the brand's pendants My little weight. In the form of a bracelet or long necklace, you can Personalize this birth pendant By registering the first name, the date of birth or the weight of the small cabbage; Or make your creativity play by adding your own message. An ideal gift for future parents!

A gift to create a link

Many beneficial effects are associated withportage scarf. THE physiological scarves In particular, keep baby in a position favorable to its development, in terms of its hips and its spine. Keeping your infant against you will also stimulate your muscular tone and will decrease digestive problems. The scarf also promotes the link creation Between the child and his parent. In addition, for parents, the portage scarf keeps your baby near you while having hands free. For example, the "Sling" from Love Radius Or Neobulle is a little wonder, it will depend on your needs. Our latest advice: Look to buy it in a local store near you and thus be able to enjoy portage lessons. Le Petit +: To add to your list of birth gifts.

Cocooning for the holidays

The clothe homewear : this is the garment cocooning To wear by the fire. Conformation and warming, it will accompany you for the long winter months. Pajamas or interior clothes, this is the cozy gift for Christmas.

Homewear pregnant woman

Some reading…

Inexhaustible sources of knowledge, books are a must to offer for Christmas. Romance, thriller, police, documentary… there is something for everyone. At Cache Coeur, we found you two small bibles on breastfeeding And postpartum.

Breastfeeding : frequently source of pressure, you will read all the tips of Caroline Guillot In his book "Very illustrated manual of breastfeeding"For serene breastfeeding.

Postpartum : Subject often little mentioned or not in depth enough, this book will accompany each mother in her postpartum adventure. Discover "SOS Postpartum", written by Marie-Elise Launay, Brest midwife, and illustrated by Violet sucks. His interview to live her 4th semester well can be found by here.

A moment of relaxation

A massage

The arrival of a baby is always synonymous with happiness, we spend 9 months preparing upon arrival to realize ... that we are not so ready! After all, the arrival of a baby is not an infused science. 😉
THE massage is the ideal gift for young parents. It allows you to meet two and eliminate the accumulated stress. Also think of Therapeutic prenatal massage To relieve tensions from the 4th month of pregnancy.


Sleep… very large subject! Each young parent can also mention it: a good night is rather complicated the first months after the arrival of your toddler. This is why a good restorative sleep is essential between each bottle, feeding or change of layer. But, between concerns and stress, it is often difficult to reach.
We love the brand Morpheted which offers meditation at home with the meditation and sophrology box. Between 8 and 20 minutes per session, Morpheus allows you a quick and deep sleep. This is the gift to manage your sleep.

For the undecided

Do you still hesitate? Opt for The gift card. You will have all the time to choose what you want to receive after the holidays. 😊