New: Cache Coeur launches its new brand Curve!

New: Cache Coeur launches its new brand Curve!

10 years ago, Cache Coeur set out on the challenge of revolutionizing the maternity and nursing lingerie. Thanks to its creative elegance and exceptional corsetry know-how, our young French brand is now the European leader in this market and is launching a new challenge: that of revolutionizing the breastfeeding pad market. Because breastfeeding is often synonymous with constraints, Cache Coeur has decided to rethink it and make it more accessible.


A true concentrate of technology

The Curve nursing pads are a concentrate of technology resulting from 2 years of research with medical professionals and mothers. They are guaranteed leak proof, they are invisible and washable with a globally patented innovation. Our breast pads are composed of 4 layers, a first layer in micro-perforated antibacterial and anti-odor spacer which allows the rapid evacuation of leaks. The second central layer is an ultra-absorbent multi-fiber core; the third layer is a protective membrane, a waterproof and breathable film; and finally the 4th outer layer, is a skin-colored textile veil, invisible under clothing.

Washable breast pads that perform well

Unlike other breast pads on the market, the Curve nursing pads are efficient, efficient. They were designed for mothers, to make breastfeeding easier and less restrictive. Their ergonomic surface creates a breathable and waterproof barrier against milk leakage and naturally shapes mothers' breasts. They are discreet, comfortable and durable. They assure breastfeeding moms freshness and safety every day, day and night. They dry quickly in 8 minutes on contact with the skin. Our nursing pads are ultra-absorbent, guaranteed to be leak-proof.


Curve Washable Breast Pads

To best meet the needs of mothers thanks to their unique exceptional know-how, two breast pads have been created, a Day pad and a Night pad that is larger and more absorbent. Curve offers a complete range for breastfeeding with the range Essential the economical format for a good start, the range Essential Plus the practical format to equip yourself well and the range Starter kit the complete solution to start breastfeeding with peace of mind. Breastfeed differently, choose Curve!