What is OEKO-TEX?

Developed in the 1990s by the Austrian Textile Research Institute and the Hohenstein Research Institute, the OEKO TEX Standard 100 meets the needs of consumers to find textile products without health risks.

Okay, but still...

In practical terms, these institutes have put in place criteria to assess undesirable products in textile products and to ensure that they will not have any negative effects on consumer health.

Tests on harmful substances based on practice (i.e. carried out in conditions as close to reality as possible) are carried out in laboratories. These tests focus on specific limit values: because it is important to understand that a substance in itself cannot be toxic, it is its concentration that can be toxic. The label therefore does not guarantee the absence of a particular substance, as this would be impossible, but ensures a concentration below the standard and therefore without risk to health.

In order for a product to be labelled OEKO TEX, it is therefore necessary that they meet all the requirements and criteria determined, which gives it when obtaining the label a guarantee of quality. When the "Textile Confidence" logo appears on a product, it is therefore synonymous with responsible textile manufacturing.

The major advantage of this certification is that it has been standardized globalLY. Thus, even if the manufacturing stages of the product take place in the four corners of the world, this label ensures that the OEKO TEX criteria have been met throughout the manufacturing process.

Cache Coeur and the OEKO TEX label:

Cache Coeur, a responsible brand, which takes the utmost care of the well-being of its customers, makes its own maternity and breastfeeding collections from all OEKO TEX-labelled materials. Our soft materials are guaranteed to be safe for your health, so that respect the skin of pregnant women.

As I mentioned earlier, tests are carried out on the products to ensure that they meet the OEKO TEX requirements. You should know that the more textile products are in direct contact with the skin, the higher the OEKO TEX requirements. Collections of maternity and breastfeeding lingerie, maternity pajamas and pregnancy swimsuits Cache Coeur therefore meets a high level of requirement of OEKO TEX certification.