World breastfeeding week 2014

This week, it starts with La Grande t é E and then organizes activities throughout the week across France. Everyone can organize World Breastfeeding Week Good.

On this occasion, cache Coeur launched a quote that was valid for smam 2014:

To promote breastfeeding, nothing is better than talking without taboos and stress, because breastfeeding is the personal choice for each mother. To make this choice, you have to know.

So let's talk about breastfeeding!

Think about it during pregnancy Breast feeding underwear So. You'll find out Breast feeding bra, and all The skill of choosing bra correctly On our website.

Back to breastfeeding! It should be noted that breastfeeding may take time. The first two to three weeks of breastfeeding are usually a "adjustment" period in which your breasts understand your baby and adjust to your baby's needs. So don't be nervous. You have to be patient.

It is best to start breastfeeding as early as possible within an hour after delivery, as this is the strongest time for the baby to have a strong suction reflex.

An important part of breastfeeding is not to forget breastfeeding. We have toYoung motherThink about rest, relax, give yourself time. The fact that you feel good will help your breastfeeding. If you have difficulties in breastfeeding, you should be talking to friends, family members, and professionals. Some people can help you and it's always good to feel surrounded.

Now let's talk Benefits of breastfeeding Give it to the baby, and to the mother! staybreast milkIt is the ideal food for newborns because it contains all the nutrients needed for development and is tailored to suit the needs. Its composition follows Baby needsAnd gradually adapt to its growth and development. One of the main advantages of breast milk is that it contains anti infective factors, so it can protect infants from a large number of infections.

In the case of mothers, breastfeeding can Weight loss Let's find it Outline before pregnancy hurry up. In addition, some studies have shown that breastfeeding can reduce the risk of breast cancer.

Pure breastfeeding can make babies at least six months old grow normally. However, breastfeeding can continue to be 2 years old or older, at the mother's will, provided that it is supplemented by food diversification starting at the age of six months. Therefore, at some point, breastfeeding is over, weaning is part of this process, the more gradual weaning, the better the effect.

In any case, it is important to know that whether you choose breastfeeding or non breastfeeding, the moment you feed your child is at the heart of the mother child relationship.

So, to enjoy this moment to the maximum extent, calm down and enjoy it!