Make good resolutions with Curve!

Make good resolutions with Curve!

Hello 2019 ! Tradition has it that when we spend a new year, we choose resolutions. What resolutions to take for 2019? We give you the ones you are going to hold by choosing theBreastfeeding cushion curve. 

1. Save money

Curve is revolutionizing your breastfeeding and saving the planet at the same time. Pass Breastw Bechards Curve washable, absorption and guaranteed economy! This is the lasting alternative to disposable breastfeeding pads.

Curve breastfeeding pads are washable (and therefore reusable). They are economic, nursing pads are profitable after 1 month and 6 days of use.


2. STOP to waste 



Stop waste with curve. Take them good resolutions By stopping waste using disposable pads. Washable pads are more respectful of the environment. Think of the planet and reduce your environmental impact.


Breastfeeding in 2018 with disposable pads:

8 feeds / day

16 disposable pads / day

448 disposable pads / month

Breastfeeding in 2019 with curve breastfeeding:

8 feeds / day

4 pairs of washable pads / day only!


3. Consume French


With curve, support the 100% made in France. Our team is made up of 23 people who work daily to offer the best to our customers. They make curve every day with passion!


4. Forget milk leaks


Use curve that is also to say goodbye to milk loss stains on your pretty t-shirts. Curve is the first washable breastfeeding pad finally effective. Ultra-absorbent and designed to be 100% anti-leak, you will no longer need to fear milk leaks at inappropriate times.


5. Think of you


Adopt Curve and finally think of you. Washable breastfeeding pads are designed without chemicals to respect the skin of breastfeeding moms. Curve innovation OEKO-TEX certified Then protects your health and that of your baby.

Oeko-tex is A very demanding European label, it certifies the manufacturing process without chemicals to guarantee a product that respects women's health.


6. Save time 


No need to wash your Breastfeeding pads by hand, your breastfeeding pads Curve can be washed and dried in the machine to make your life easier!


The whole CURVE team wishes you a happy new year 2019!