Sarah tells us about her breastfeeding experience!

Sarah tells us about her breastfeeding experience!

Sarah is a 31 year old young mother. Already mother of two little boys, she is impatiently awaiting the arrival of her daughter which is scheduled for the year 2019! We all have different stories and backgrounds, which is why today we are sharing with you the experience and history of Sarah on her motherhood and breastfeeding.

Sarah & motherhood:

In a relationship for 15 years and married for almost 7 years, Sarah is the eldest of a family of 4 children with very small age differences. Growing up alongside his siblings has always made him want to start his own family.

Her vision for the future with her husband? Together of course and with little toddlers running around them.

“I have always loved children and been comfortable with them. So being a mom is a continuation of things! "

Arthur (4 and a half years old) and Louis (3 years old) were born from this wish to start a family! And the names of their little boys were not chosen by chance ...

« For our eldest we chose the first name Arthur (for the legend of King Arthur) and his middle name, Hugo (for the illustrious committed author, Victor Hugo). For our second son, we named him Louis (for history ... but also and above all for my grandfather Luigi, who died shortly after our marriage) and his middle name Paul (for my husband's grandfather, who also died shortly after our marriage). For our little princess: it's not decided yet! »

Sarah and her companion chose the first name of their little wonders based on the historical and literary universe important to them, not to mention a little tribute to their loved ones!



Sarah & her breastfeeding:

« I breastfed Arthur for 10 months. 4 months exclusively then breast pump / artificial milk supplement. As for my second son Louis, he is still working to breastfeed after almost 3 years. »

Difficulties related to breastfeeding:

"For my 1er As a child, I had difficulty breastfeeding due to the poor training of doctors on breastfeeding. Arthur's weight gain was deemed insufficient and I was more than prompted to supplement ... confusion ensued that I could not reverse. Weaning quickly followed even though I continued to express my milk for a while ...

For Louis, the second, I got more training and information. Despite a premature birth and a cesarean section, my son never had a single bottle or formula. From maternity, I expressed my milk to supplement it because it was quickly exhausted at the breast. Better informed, I plotted and followed her weight on the WHO breastfed babies curve and was thus able to assert myself in my choice of breastfeeding in front of the pediatrician. "


Long-term breastfeeding, a choice?

«I did not choose long breastfeeding. I chose not to cut it short to match society's standards. Breastfeeding allowed me with my 2nd of recover much faster after the cesarean section and to create a link that had been interrupted by the traumatic childbirth and the 12 hours of separation (pre-eclampsia and help syndrome).»

Your advice for a future mother who wants to breastfeed:

"From surround yourself with experienced breastfeeding mothers. Many talk with their spouse for support when they have moments of doubt and fatigue.

To consult if ever they are in pain because it is not normal. And finally: not to be embarrassed by the gaze of others because theBreastfeeding is a natural function and breasts are made to feed our children! "

You & Curve:

Because today's mothers are modern and active women, because breastfeeding is often synonymous with constraints, we wanted to rethink it.Curve's goal: make it more accessible and make it a memorable experience.

Have you had any loss of milk?

“The first 6 months day and night! "

Have you used our breast pads?

“As I prepare for specific breastfeeding, I am seriously considering getting it. They seem to be TOP! Performing as far as I have seen and comfortable to wear! "

We thank Sarah for the little story of her motherhood and breastfeeding.

There are a multitude of different stories. We can all learn from each other about motherhood and breastfeeding, which is why twice a month hear from a mother who will give us her vision of motherhood and breastfeeding.