The first 5 questions we ask ourselves about breastfeeding!

The first 5 questions we ask ourselves about breastfeeding!

Many pregnant women quickly think about breastfeeding. While some dream of it, others are not necessarily in favor. But some are also reluctant to take the plunge. In order to allow you to better understand and live your breastfeeding better, we have asked midwives from Finistère who are lactation advisers to answer the questions. 5 questions moms ask themselves most frequently.


1 / How long should I breastfeed?

The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends breastfeeding her child for at least 6 months, so that the child benefits from health benefits of breastfeeding, however the duration should not be a constraint, long or short breastfeeding, there is no "good" or "bad" choice, it is a decision which belongs only to the mother and the main one is to it. do with pleasure. Know that at each stage of breastfeeding, it is possible to get help from a midwife, some specialize in lactation and offer personalized support to each mother.


2 / Will I have enough milk to feed my baby?

Don't worry, it's rare to run out of milk. Lactation is a process that changes over time and adapts to demand; baby's sucking will keep your milk supply going. To know : breast size does not affect breastfeeding, once you start breastfeeding, there will be no problem as long as your baby is breastfeeding regularly and effectively.

Breastfeeding is a relationship between two people and the important thing is to trust yourself.


3 / Does breastfeeding hurt?

Breastfeeding takes several days of adaptation, for mom and baby. The first few days you may feel a little discomfort, tenderness, which can hurt and damage the nipple, this is a bad position of the baby when he sucks.

Remember to alternate breasts between each feed and don't hesitate to change your position if you feel any pain.


4 / My partner is afraid of not finding his place as a father in breastfeeding, how can I reassure him?

It's not uncommon to hear this dread from dads, it's a good thing, is that he's already thinking about his role as a father. Try to reassure him by telling him that he has a big role to play in this breastfeeding adventurejust like during pregnancy, you will need to feel supported and listened to. He can also find his place in this ritual by picking up the child and taking him to the breast or burping him.


5 / How often to breastfeed?

On average, a baby can suck 8 to 12 times per 24 hours (including at night during the first months). Be aware, however, that there is no limit to the number of feedings, nor to a fixed interval! Adapting flexibly to their needs without being rigid is essential because every baby is different. Once again, trust yourself!


"This article is not a substitute for medical consultation or the advice of a healthcare professional. "