The different bra cuts

The maternity and nursing brabasket cutter:

This form of nursing bra is intended for all types of breasts; small, medium or strong. The half-cup maternity bra largely releases the top of the breasts and draws a nice curve upwards, perfect for lifting up small breasts and pushing up large breasts. This type of pregnancy and nursing bra is ideal to wear with a pretty cleavage outfit. The Lisa line with its maternity and nursing half-cup bra will enhance your cleavage.

The maternity and nursing braplunging cut:

This cut of pregnancy bra  say "plunging" center the volume of the breast, the breasts are brought together and the breast is visibly amplified. This type of pregnancy and nursing bra offers a deep V neckline, for a sublimated bust, ideal to wear under V tops. Discover in this shape, the 3D Light maternity and nursing bra.

The maternity and nursing bra interlocking:

This type of maternity and nursing bra is specially designed for generous breasts, but it is also suitable for small breasts. The cups of these maternity and nursing bras are high and hug the breasts, providing optimal support. This type of bra had a somewhat "dated" image for a long time, but today it is not at all!

With our Gloss model, you will wear a full cup maternity and nursing bra, original and feminine.

The Dunes bra is sober, with a touch of seduction.

For a full cup bra, sexy and daring, opt for the Garçonne model.

The pregnancy bra paddled:

Paddé is one of the best known terms for lingerie professionals, but still little known to users. Small explanation: a padded bra is a padded bra, that is to say lined with a more or less dense foam for a push-up effect. This form of bra is particularly suitable for highlighting small breasts. For a sublimated neckline and a perfect curve, wear the 3D Light padded bra.

The bras

The maternity and nursing bra is characterized by the no reinforcement and specific cutting of cups. It wraps the top of the bust in a tight and elasticated material to provide a better support. It offers light support and comfort.

The brassiere was relaunched several seasons ago by the biggest lingerie brands, including Cache Coeur, which has developed two lines of maternity and nursing lingerie with brassiere: the Illusion line and the Signature line.

The Illusion line offers a bra with extreme softness and seamless, for maximum comfort and well-being.

Signature, is a line of lingerie in organic cotton, to infinitely respect the skin of future and young mothers. Her maternity and nursing bra is also seamless and offers a support and impeccable softness.