Valentine's Day, gift ideas for the mother-to-be

Valentine's Day, gift ideas for the mother-to-be

A top Valentine's Day with advice from the Cache Coeur team

Who said that the Valentine's Day was it out of date? We are far from wanting to convey this kind of idea, yet it is a fact:

The last time you looked forward to Valentine's Day was in elementary school when Rodrigo declared his love for you. Since then, you've found it a bit "has-been" (who still uses that expression?) Or even a bit silly.

In Heart Cache, we don't really agree, Valentine's Day is lovers' day but it is also the day when we have a good reason to ask to be pampered and to be offered the pretty maternity lingerie made in Cache Coeur (We never have enough).

If you've made it this far you are surely pregnant, you swear by breastfeeding maybe or so we just did a good job (YES!).

Fatigue, nausea, all of that you know ... So yes, it's difficult and you have the right to little attentions from your other half, your children, from everyone to tell the truth;)

A selection of our Cache Coeur gift ideas

The pregnancy is a precious moment which for 9 months marks us forever. Motherhood changes our body, our perception of things and also enlarges our heart. Maternity lingerie is now an integral part of this fabulous pregnancy experience. The choice beautiful lingerie and of good quality is important because it will also remain a symbol, a memory of this wonderful moment.

You will fall back on this gorgeous lingerie, your heart will fill with happiness as you remember those 9 months when you felt beautiful, comfortable and attractive while wearing your baby and your Cache Coeur set.

Here is a selection of Cache Coeur creations that will surely make you fall for it

A set of Lollypop maternity lingerie:

The latest from Cache Coeur is a set of maternity lingerie certified fiber Oeko-tex, in italian lace, it is also very convenient when breastfeeding since it has a removable knot to position to remember the last feed. We totally fall for the grenadine color which gives pep and gluttony to this set so well worked.


A set of Louise maternity lingerie:

Louise is here sensuality in its pure state in its classic form, it offers a sublime play of transparency that lets you glimpse the breasts. This sublime lingerie set features a delicate embroidery made in France produced by the Potencier workshop in the north of France.

It will be perfect to warm up your romantic evening


Pregnancy bolas:

You find that offering a jewel seen and seen again? Think about pregnancy bola, this beautiful jewel is intended for pregnant women who will wear it during pregnancy. The slight sound of a bell inside the bola is heard by your baby during pregnancy, it will reassure and calm him afterwards childbirth. We offer the bola in several “Baby Feet”, “Heart”, “chic-crystal Swarovski ® sphere” or “Breton” designs. You can also choose to personalize your bola with different cords.

And here are some ideas of little touches nice to do for Valentine's day :

- A breakfast in bed, what better way to start your day like a princess

- A small restaurant? (We love the sarcasm of 2021)

- Run a bath, perfect for relaxing the pelvis and relieving the pain related to the baby's weight

- A beautiful painting made by your elders

- A simple massage!

- A good chocolate cake

- A notebook, with pretty photos and anecdotes that retrace the last years that you spent together, it is so touching.

- A mountain of kisses from your children

- A candlelit dinner (yes we go in the cliché)

And there you have it, you now have all the cards in hand to suggest ideas to your Valentine to celebrate and fully enjoy the day of lovers. (Please send her our Valentine's Day ideas article;))