Keep a pregnancy diary

Keep a pregnancy diary

Pregnancy is an important time in a woman's life and where many emotional and physical changes occur. Keeping a written record of your pregnancy will help you remember those special nine months, and it's also a cute way to show your baby what life was like for her parents before she arrived.

When to write

You can start your pregnancy diary as soon as you find out you are pregnant, so you can be sure that you do not forget anything, and that you can follow your pregnancy in detail.

Take time to write your pregnancy diary. You do not have to keep your daily pregnancy diary, but it can become a fun date that will allow you to be creative and thoughtful, but also to feel more in control and more assured during this time of transition.

What to write?

To hold your pregnancy diary you can, for example, separate it into three quarters.
Write in your pregnancy diary the day you found out you were pregnant, how you received the news, how you told your loved ones, or when you first felt your baby move.

Talk about your emotions, your doubts, your joys, your highlights.
Also tell about your daily life, but also the topical events or the fashionable things.

Write down the list of first names you like, your inspirations for decorating the baby's room, the first gift received for your child, etc.

Finally, illustrate your pregnancy diary with photos of your pretty round belly, your ultrasounds but also of your family and loved ones.

What support?

To hold your pregnancy diary, you can go digital, and start a blog or video blog. With a pregnancy diary digital, your loved ones will be able to follow the day-to-day history of your child's birth, but also interact directly with you. You can share photos of your pretty round belly on your blog, and write down what you think is important day by day.

You can also hold your pregnancy diary in a more traditional format. You will then need some material (paper notebook, scissors, glue, etc.). As with a blog, you can illustrate your your pregnancy diary with pictures.

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