Baby Moon, the honeymoon before baby

Baby Moon, the honeymoon before baby

True trend across the Atlantic, the Baby moon - contraction of Baby (baby) and Honey Moon (honeymoon) - now promises to make followers in France.

The concept

The concept of Baby moon is to offer couples whose wife is pregnant a stay with many relaxing activities such as massages, jacuzzi, good meals, etc. The objective of this stay is to allow the couple to meet and recharge their batteries before the baby arrives. Most often during Baby moon, couples choose to go to sunny destinations such as Spain, the south of France, Portugal, or even to the islands for the more adventurous. Very popular in the United States, the concept has already won over many stars.

Precautions to be taken

To leave safely, future parents must take some precautions.

1. The mother-to-be should make sure to always have double the ultrasounds with her.

2. Choose the right time: not all times of pregnancy are suitable for this Baby Moon. The second trimester of pregnancy is most of the time recommended for going on vacation. It is a pleasant period, when the pregnant woman is no longer (or less) subject to the difficulties of the first months.

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