Maternity suitcase - the checklist

Maternity suitcase - the checklist

Is it almost D-Day? As a pregnant woman, you surely have a lot of things to take care of? That's why we've listed what you need in your maternity suitcase. We have thought of everything from pregnancy clothes through important documents, and the pregnancy bola so as not to forget the coquetry.


(Plan the quantity according to the number of days of hospitalization, between 3 and 5 days on average).

- Bodysuits, pajamas and bras

- A sleeping bag

- Socks and slippers

- A beanie

- A set of diapers

- Towels and bibs

- Gentle washing products

- A thermometer

- An adorable outfit for discharge from the hospital

- Do not forget to install the baby seat (newborn) in the car.


- Disposable mesh briefs (3 to 4 per day) and periodic protections for your underwear.

-          Washable breast pads

- Hair ties or a headband for childbirth

- What to take care of and immortalize these moments

- A cream for the care of the nipples


- All the daily necessities for the toilet: shower gel, shampoo, toothbrush, toothpaste, day / night cream, towels and washcloths ...

- Make-up to look good in birth photos, a light foundation, blush and mascara will do the trick.

- A pregnancy bola.


-          Nursing bra or pregnancy bra, for more comfort and femininity.

-          Maternity pajamas or nursing nightie to vary the pleasure.

- A pair of comfortable slippers or thick socks

- An outfit to leave the hospital, such as a beautiful pregnancy dress associated with a pregnancy tights.


- The Vitale card

- The maternity booklet and the family booklet

- ID card

- The blood group card

It should also be noted to provide a meal for the person accompanying the young mother.