Pregnancy bola, the jewel of the pregnant woman!

Pregnancy bola, the jewel of the pregnant woman!

The History of The Pregnancy Bola:

The pregnancy bola is the jewel par excellence of the mother-to-be! Trend and uniqueIt is the symbol of your pregnancy. This spherical gem of Indonesian origin has in its heart small bells that emit a sweet music that baby hears from the 20thTh week of pregnancy. The slight melody of the pregnancy bola soothes and calms baby in the belly of the mother and even after.

Pregnancy bola is the Perfect gift to treat yourself or a mother-to-be...

Customizable pregnancy bolas:


From now on, create your own own pregnancy necklace! Choose your pregnancy bola and pair it with one of our chains or cords to make it magical. With a liberty cord or a 925 silver chain: all looks are allowed. Our pregnancy bolas will match according to your outfits, seasons but also according to your desires. Thanks to Cache Coeur, you are now free to tell your story through a unique piece of jewellery that looks just like you.

Our new pregnancy bolas:

The new concept of maternity jewelry by Cache Coeur does not arrive alone, with this one, find our new pregnancy bolas...

Fans of sailors will be won over by the Breton model. Covered with striped graphics, it will go perfectly with your Pregnancy. For a perfect mix and match, wear it with our silver lurex yarnWe love it!

Always in a modern marine spirit, find our bola "Shell". Inlaid with a pretty shell-shaped design, this necklace for Pregnant woman remains both discreet and feminine. To be associated with a Silver chain 925 or one liberty cordIt's up to you!

Succumb for the Glossy Pregnancy Bola, available in Rhodium, in gold email And rose gold. The sleek and modern design of this jewel coupled with a choice of chains and cords now allows you to Customize your symbolic jewel as you wish!