Interview with Marie, mother and midwife!

Interview with Marie, mother and midwife!

Because the advice of mothers and health professionals seems very valuable to us, we take the time to meet with them. This month, we interviewed a French midwife. In addition to being a healthcare professional, Marie is also a mom and has tested our washable pads for her second breastfeeding. A rich exchange that we wanted to share with you:


What is your story on breastfeeding?

My first breastfeeding went well, I even continued it longer. I breastfed 7 months exclusively and 3 months mixed. My second breastfeeding is in progress, I have had a lot of milk leakage problem and since using Curve I have no problems at all and my breastfeeding is going very well!

I obtained my diploma in inter-university breastfeeding, human lactation and breastfeeding at the University of Brest.

How did you find out about Curve?

I discovered it at the Dressing des Futures Mamans (Brest store). I was looking for nursing tops, she had just received the Curve Washable Breast Pads. I told him about my untimely leaks. I bought a pair to try.

I was not disappointed, they are washable and dry very quickly. They are pleasant compared to breast pads. Even when they're wet, you don't realize it.

They had a super good ability, I never had a problem! In addition, they do not mark the skin at all, although I mark easily.

Can you describe Curve in two words?

They are comfortable and above all reassuring.

Would you recommend to friends?

Yes it is already! A friend was using washable pads and was unhappy with them, so she switched back to disposable breast pads. I then recommended the Curve breast pads to her.

Would you recommend to your patients?

Yes, if we are talking about breastfeeding of course!


Would you recommend Cache Coeur?

Yes of course, I regularly have questions about bras for fuller breasts. I'm gonna talk about it. A patient uses three bras to have her breasts well supported during pregnancy, she will be interested in your Cache Coeur bras which have cup sizes up to I / J.