Elena, the nursing mother told us her experience!

Elena, the nursing mother told us her experience!

"One A wonderful experience I'm happy to live in my wife and mother's life! »

Elena, 26 year old Mom chose breast-feeding For her three little daughters, ADA rose, June and liv Each mother-child relationship is different, and breastfeeding is different. That's why we want to share with you the stories of these lactating mothers. Today we share this beautiful one Elena's testimony About his feelings and Her breastfeeding experience.


Elina motherhood:

It is eleana's dream and belief that she will become a mother full of love and pass on all the love she has received from herself.

"Being a mother is a dream and a jealousy in the heart. I have a mother so beautiful, full of love and love, and obviously I will pass it on to my own children."Yes." Elena gave birth to three girls, six, four and the last less than two months.

stay The name of the child It's parents Pregnant-Yes. One real puzzle is that names may come from artistic influence, from our origins, or from fashion in different years. Elena and her companion explained the names of their three little daughters...

"The first one is called AADA PinkWe want a name that reminds me of my Finnish pedigree, AADA is a heartbreaking name, and we want to combine it with the name of a sweet little girl that sounds like I've felt deep inside. The second is called June, Because it is like this, she blows it on us, it suits her very well. Our third daughter is called one4 Because when we were just pregnant, we found the name at the corner of the stove. Although we didn't know his gender, it was obvious Pregnant, That's liv. Obviously, Liv was born! »


Elena and her breastfeeding:

« I haven't stopped breastfeeding and co breastfeeding for six years. ADA Rose's breastfeeding time was less than two years, and my second pregnancy led to the start of weaning, but it was very smooth. Her last breastfeeding in her early 3 years old was with Joan, who was still ahead and not ready to wean. Joan is currently breastfeeding her sister, liv. »

Difficulties in breastfeeding:

"I have no driving difficulties breast-feeding But for my first daughter, ADA rose, breastfeeding is very difficult because she has multiple allergies. We know that when she was four months old, all the healthcare professionals we met told us that the problem was breastfeeding. But deep inside me, I know there's a real problem, and we've met A person who speaks ill. We certainly continue breastfeeding. "

Long term breastfeeding, a choice?

« As far as I am concerned, I have no choice. I never asked myself this question. Months passed, and I always felt apparent My husband will continue until nature weans me, or my children no longer need it. I believe that nature is perfect. »

What do you think breast-feeding is good for?

« Too much profit, Breast milk is suitable for children's needs, For brain construction, this is a protection for his health now and for the future.

From my personal experience, I can see her in her sports shoes for the weaning now ADA rose. I believe breastfeeding helps her fly away confidently.

in order to Breastfeeding calms me down, it makes me more serene and more attentive to my body and its needs.»

Vbone advice for a mother-to-be who wants to breastfeed?

« I would just tell him to listen to himself, if she wants to, while she follows her instincts and especially when she doesn't care what people think. »

Elina - Curve:

Moms know that breastfeeding can cause inconveniences such as milk losses that are often unexpected and unpleasant. That's why Curve washable nursing pads were born to making it easier for mothers to breastfeed and make this an unforgettable and enjoyable experience.

Have you had any milk loss?

« Oh yes a lot the first few months, for my first maybe be 3 months, my second it lasted well 2 years and currently I have leaks yes. »

Have you ever used Curve pads?

"Yes, I bought them when Liv was born. I use them currently on a daily basis. Cuve nursing pads are very absorbent and allowed me not to get totally soaked especially at night. »

Define Curve in a few words?

« Surprising, that's why I've already recommended them to my breastfeeding friends. »


Thank you to Elina for sharing with us her intimacy and her vision of breastfeeding.

Breastfeeding is a unique experience for every mother who has the chance to experience it. All breastfeeding is different, so don't hesitate to share your breastfeeding experience with us!