8 Christmas gift ideas for pregnant women

8 Christmas gift ideas for pregnant women

The pregnancy and breastfeeding are important moments in a woman's life. She may be tempted to prepare for the baby's arrival or to take care of the baby even if it means forgetting to take care of herself. And there is no doubt that the baby will be spoiled with various and varied gifts before he even points the tip of his nose. But she's still a woman first and foremost, and the holiday season is the time to spoil her. Discover a nice selection of gifts to offer to a expectant mother or breastfeeding mother !

1 - A pregnancy jewel:

Rest assured, it is not very complicated, a woman remains a woman, pregnant or not!

She will therefore like to feel beautiful and encouraged throughout her pregnancy. The pregnancy bola is a delicate jewel and refined that will highlight its forms in its pregnancy clothes. From the 20th week of pregnancy, baby recognizes the melodious sound and will be calmed and soothed. It will calm him down and reassure him even after birth. An ideal and original gift!

Fall for our wide range of bolas to please all women!

For the holidays choose a bola accessory, a fancy cord or a gold or silver chain, to give this jewel a festive and refined touch for the occasion! Take advantage of our new products, such as the EVA bola that shines brightly for the holidays!

2 - A cocooning nightwear or a glamorous and sexy piece:

Who says pregnancy or breastfeeding, says want to feel good at home and in comfortable and feminine rooms! As usual, Cache Coeur offers something for everyone!

Rather in the cocooning and homewear atmosphere, the pregnancy pajamas and nightgowns will be perfect to stay at home toasty in front of Christmas movies! In burgundy, green or black, the Milk line provides comfort and softness for the home! And for nursing moms, it offers easy access to the breast, the feminine and practical gift to give!

For those who prefer more sexy and glamorous pieces, our new Agatha nightie will be perfect!

Inspired by the Urban Jungle trend, this nightie in mineral colors brings femininity to all women, its lace details and soft material will sublimate your special occasions!


3 - An adapted and refined lingerie set:

During pregnancy or breastfeeding, women need to adapt their clothes and lingerie to the evolution of their bodies and their new needs. Therefore, a nursing brais the ideal gift for a woman who sees her body begin to evolve. Our lingerie sets will provide the necessary support for women and meet the needs that will appear little by little (4 stapling positions at the back, nursing clips ...). All while offering technical details, our sets remain feminine and refined to continue to remain woman even during these periods of the life!    

4 - Trendy and feminine tights:

One of the gifts very appreciated by women during this period is also the pregnancy tights ! Even for these pieces, women need adaptation! A traditional tights would not be comfortable and would give a feeling of discomfort on the level of the belly and the back. This is why, at Cache Coeur our tights are made a space for the stomach and reinforcement at the level of the back and the belt to let the body evolve without gene!

5- A room for pregnancy and for after:

Among all this selection of gifts for moms and women-to-be, there is the selection that will please women who wish to reuse their pregnancy clothes even after the baby is born! That's why our collection of sailors in colaboration with Armor Lux will be the perfect idea ! Choose a dress or a top sailor in the colours of your cravings with extreme quality and Breton and unique know-how. The combination of our two brands allow us to offer ready-to-wear pieces adaptable to the evolution of women and respecting their skin thanks to their quality composition.

6 - Yoga sessions:

Yoga will make her work on all aspects, whether physically or emotionally. It allows the Pregnant woman to stay in shape throughout the Pregnancy. It soothes tension and ensures better coordination of the body's functions for its well-being.

In order to be comfortable, she will have to choose comfortable clothes. Cache Coeur proposes a seamless lingerie lineIllusion, ideal for practicing yoga. It consists of a maternity bra, high panties, pregnancy shorty, a support belt and a pregnant woman leggings. Its softness and second skin effect offer a real feeling of well-being.

7 - A photo shoot with a professional photographer:

She will be able to do it on the theme of her choice. Whether she wants to have a memory of her pregnancy or use it after The birth of a baby, this gift will please the expectant mom for sure.

8 - A wellness break:

Manage her pregnancy is not easy for a woman as for her companion. It is therefore important to take a wellness break in order to be able to breathe.

Spa, institute, massage, weekend in the country: give her a moment of relaxation, she will be delighted!

You understand, one watchword: please him!