Illusion Lace - New line of lingerie

Illusion Lace - New line of lingerie

The illusion lace line has just entered the Collection of pregnancy and breastfeeding lingerie Heart cover.

With the illusion lace line, cache heart creates the perfect illusion.
Comfortable, flexible and soft products, while being female and delicate thanks to the very special care given to details.


The lace effect embroidery of the line of Pregnancy and breastfeeding lingerie was imagined and drawn point by point in our workshop. It adds a touch of seduction that enhances the silhouettes of future and young mothers throughout pregnancy and breastfeeding. We also love her very feminine satin knot in the bonnet.

There seamless technology Brings pregnant women perfect comfort and absolute softness, a real feeling of second skin.


There pregnancy and breastfeeding bra Lace illusion is entirely made up of ultra-soft and seamless microfiber. Its double caps allow rapid drying of "wet" areas and a feeling of comfort on the "friction" areas. His breastfeeding clips are discreet and practical ; and allow a Easy access within.

The maxi-culot and the pregnancy shorty lace illusion are incredibly comfortable.