Discover Adeline's story on breastfeeding!

Discover Adeline's story on breastfeeding!


There maternity is an experience specific to every woman and thefeeding with milk is just as much. Nursing women each experienced their difficulties, their happiness and their successes, which is why in Curve We like to put these women forward. Today, it’s Adeline, this 29 -year -old young mother that we highlight through her pretty testimony. Adeline, a nurse by profession, is the happy mother of little Luca, 2 and a half years old


Adeline & Motherite


"I wanted to become a mother, I felt ready! »»


Adeline & her companion then chose to be a parent. When their son arrived 2 and a half years ago, they chose the first name Luca. Adeline adored this first name since childhood so it was like a evidence. They both chose this spelling in reference to their Italian origins.


Adeline & breastfeeding


At birth, Adeline chose tobreast-feed LUCA. Which was not easy at the start but Adeline showed will and tenacity To succeed in breastfeeding your baby.


"Terrible pains to cry in the first months and say many people ... But I did everything to succeed with my tenacity, breastfeeding advisers, personal research and my instinct. »»


Adeline does not fix a minimum or maximum duration to breastfeed Luca. "I am still going and I do not define an end date ... I let fate decide. I estimate that as long as he asks is that he needs it ... It is nature, it is for him! It is A great maternal link.»


Your advice for a future mother?


“I advise a future mother to follow her instinct and her desire. Not to listen to people around, to listen to yourself and your child. That life has surprises in store for us, and that the main thing is to do as best as possible and according to your own convictions. »»


Thank you to Adeline for her story!


Each breastfeeding is different, do not hesitate to share with us your story and your testimony on breastfeeding and maternity.