Breastfeeding pads curve

PSST… How does it work?

Never very pleasant to have a milk leak and above all, never at the right time ... No more camouflage tips, Curve washable pads arrive to save you!

THE Curve breastfeeding are super absorbent (finished accidents) They get carried away everywhere and are super easy to maintain. Bye bye the disposable pads.

What breastfeeding pads to choose

Which pad to choose?

When you start your breastfeeding, milk leaks can be frequent ... or not, Each woman is different !

To help you see clearly and equip you to be serene from maternity, Curve exists in 3 formats:


Slim pads - 6 hours of protection

6 hours protection


Ideal for little days where the changes during the day. Perfect to slide into the handbag.

When to wear them?

From the end of pregnancy, and during breastfeeding Ideal during the day

Its asset: all in finesse


Days day - 9 hours of protection

9 hours protection


Dry and quiet for the day ! Let's go for a day of Supermaman.

When to wear them?

Ideal, to accompany you
all day

Its asset: the must-have


Night pads - 12 hours of protection

12 hours protection


All super heroines need rest! The night pad is your ally in
This battle.

When to wear them?

For small and average flows: night
For big flows: day and night

Its asset: ultra absorbent

How do i wash them ?

How do i wash my nursing pads


Hop! Direction the washing machine with other clothes.


We use a classic and without softening laundry.

Step 3

The program is started at 40 ° C.

Step 4

Once finished, head to the dryer.

Super tips : Once a month the Curve nursing pads should be washed on the 60°C program (along the baby's bodysuits).

Why adopting Curve Pads ?

Best reason to love Curve

I finally have my nursing pads ! When should i start wearing them ?

We recommend you to pack a pair of Curve nursing pads in your maternity suitcase, because after birth, your milk comes out quickly. We Suggest our Nursing Starter Kit to get you started !

In four to six weeks, your milk flow will stabilize. Your milk production will adapt to the rythm of your baby, but again, every mom is unique and some leaks can still occurs throughout nuirsing. For that Slim will be your shield for this !

How do I alternate pads ?

The key to managing the changing of pads is to find your routine or more specifically your “Curve routine”. Unlike other nursing pads, Curve offer a secure protection for several hours. (Finally !)

>We recommend you to have at least 3 to 5 pairs of nursing pads at the beginning, 5 to 10 to be comfortable !

A question ?

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No way ! Our pads are totally invisible and will stay discreet all day thanks to the anti-slip system. No more sliding pads during day : no more hassle !


Curve wants to be a brand for all nursing mom : nursing of 3 days or since ever, small or important flow ... We have created 3 pads to answer all your need.


Thanks to an non-slip system on the outside of the pad, it will stay in place during your activities. His shape will fit your breast for a 100% confortable day.


Once a month, we advise you to wash you pads in the washing machine at 60°C (with the baby's onesie, it's perfect !) : You'll see, they will absorb again, just like magic ! Don't hesitate to push them a little ;)


The pads are ultra-absorbent and offer a dry effect in 8 minutes. They let the skin breathe thanks to the antibacterial and anti-odor technology. We favor confort and health before anything else !


You will see, it's all about feeling : depending of your milk production, you'll see for yourself when it's time to change pads. To help you, the Slim pad protect you 6 hours, the Day pad 9 hours and the Night pad 12 hours.


Absolutely ! No longer need to change your pads every hours or to throw them away ! Choose Curve and you will live a serene nursing while protecting the planet and your wallet.